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“Okra” with Japanese menu Reduce tiredness-fatigue 

“Okra” with Japanese menu Reduce tiredness-fatigue  Japanese people are most worried about in summer is heat exhaustion or natsubate. Let’s look at ทางเข้า ufabet the causes and symptoms of heat exhaustion. And a great menu from okra that Japanese people recommend that will help prevent and relieve fatigue

Causes of “blackouts” while exercising

Causes of “blackouts” while exercising Hot flashes often caused by insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the brain for a short period of time. Or it could cause by having a brain tumor. The balance system is malfunctioning. malfunctioning brain Or it may be a sign of other diseases.

Vegetables and fruits that sick people “should not” eat

Vegetables and fruits that sick people “should not” eat Fruits and vegetables are useful foods that many people recommend to eat a lot. But if a patient with certain diseases. There are some fruits and vegetables. That should not be eaten in excess. because it can make symptoms worse

If you want to look young and healthy.

If you want to look young and healthy, you must look at the “biological clock”. The biological clock controls hormone levels. Sleeping or waking behavior body temperature and proper metabolism of the body not enough. Rest will disturb our biological clock Until affecting health and beauty. Who wants the skin to look