No secret tips, how to make up? 

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No secret tips, how to make up? Gentle on the face, good for eye health.

The skin around the eyes is delicate. Applying makeup around the eyes on a regular basis or improper makeup May damage the skin around the eyes more than you think. both causing eye infections It is an eye disease or has serious consequences to the point of losing sight. But the makeup for many People are indispensable too. So is there any way to make the makeup less harmful to the skin around our eyes at UFABET?

1. Choose cosmetics carefully 

                 Choose cosmetics with care and caution. Especially cosmetics that must use around the eyes. like eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara or concealer. Many people tend to think about functionality and preferences. Long lasting or beautiful color that hits the spot first. But may not be able to think of safety Because cosmetics that are fresh and very long lasting. May mixe with substances. That are harmful to the eyes, whether 

                 – lipstick or eyeshadow that may contain a mixture of preservatives, preservatives and stabilizers May cause skin irritation. and hindering the functioning of hormones in the body

                 – glue for false eyelashes Often contains formaldehyde. Resulting in swelling of the eyelids, inflamed eyes, irritation. 

                 – cheap mascara not standard or products to reduce black marks May contaminate with mercury. When first used, it may be effective. Because the dark spots fade away, the skin becomes whiter. When use continuously Will cause allergy, thinning skin, permanent melasma. Can be absorbed into the body destroy the nervous system carcinogenic. And also makes the liver kidney inflammation

                 – Eyeshadow contains mineral oil. That despite being widely used in beauty products But there are many grades of mineral oil. Which consumers like us You may not know. That the eye shadows that we buy contain mineral oils that are standardized and safe or not. which if using non-standard mineral oil It can cause clogged pores. acne prone And it is also a carcinogen.

time to buy cosmetics Therefore, you should choose quality items with the FDA, avoid low-grade, unbranded, unlabeled, copied, unreasonably cheap prices. To reduce the risk that our face or eyes will be harmed by chemicals in cosmetics.

2. Don’t apply concealer too close to your eyes.

                 Many people tend to cover dark circles under their eyes. Fine lines and dark spots under the eyes with concealer. But choosing the type of concealer and applying the technique well also affects the health of the skin around the eyes. Initially, it is advisable to choose a liquid concealer with a light texture for easy spreading. Does not damage the skin under the eyes to cause wrinkles. And should choose a type with high moisture. To nourish the skin around the eyes moist all the time. and should not be applied too close to the eyelids Because it may risk the greasy flow into the eyes. cause eye irritation conjunctivitis and corneal inflammation

3. Apply blush on the inner eyelid, be careful.

                 As observed from many beauty bloggers People nowadays often recommend writing eyeliner by applying it to the inner eye area as well. To make our eyes look more prominent and natural. But many people may not know that there are sebaceous glands around the eyes. If it gets a lot of friction from make-up or from wiping and cleaning It can cause eye inflammation.

4. Mascara can scratch the cornea.

                 Dried mascara sticks to the brush. should be thrown away immediately. on the brush may come into contact with the cornea until scratching the cornea or some people have regrets therefore adding water to revive mascara But what I get is not a mascara that helps curl and bounce eyelashes. But it is a germ or bacteria that will grow and multiply rapidly around our eyes. This can result in eye infections.

5. Wearing false eyelashes too often is not good.

                 Apply false eyelashes every day. or continued for a long time It is the accumulation of germs on the eyelash panel without knowing it. cause infection and when pulling out false eyelashes Sticky eyelash glue may also cause us to pull the real lashes off as well. In addition, the use of false eyelashes that are not standard. There is also a risk that the false eyelashes will slip into the eyes. and to the point of being completely blind

6. Add eyelid glitter increase the risk of eyes

                 Would not have thought that the glitter beads that add a twinkle to the eyelids. Time to go out to the party May cause serious damage to the eyes. especially low-grade glitter or large grains of glitter may cause itching eyelid swelling To the point that it is completely blind. If only one grain of glitter gets into the eye and damages the pupil.