Benjamin Pavard reveals his strength over Trent Arnold

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Benjamin Pavard right-back, the top of Bayern Munich interviewed confirmed that although himself to fill the game is not exciting like Trent Alexander’s – Rs. Nold from Liverpool, but is clearly superior in defensive play, which is the main job of the defender.

“My growing up to be as successful in football as I am today is thanks to the coaches who have taught me from the beginning to the present,” the France international told The Independent.

“However, these things happen because of my talent and my hard work. And the coach is fully confident in that potential, helping to polish it in the right direction. Which, of course, has nothing to do with the beautiful eyes or the quirky hairstyle that the media likes to tease.”

“I’ve also seen many media outlets write, Oh! Benjamin Pavard is a right-back who is not as sexy as Hashraf Hakimi or Trent Alexander-Arnold.

“But I want to say this: Even if I can’t play football, it’s not as sexy as those two. But if we talk about the defensive game that is the main job of a defender like us I am clearly superior and definitely a more complete right-back.”

It is believed that almost no fans of the French national team will know Pavard, a 22-year-old right-back from Stuttgart. Before football began for sure. But people will not be able to hold anything. The youngster played all six games. For France and was the main character of the team to win the tournament. And even being a quarterback. But it came up to shoot 1 goal. It was also the most memorable goal. because it’s so beautiful. It is fortunate for the Bayern Munich team to be able to agree to grab. Benjamin Pavard to join the team in advance. With a price of only 35 million euros. it is considered as another football player who was born in this World Cup.