Chiellini pointed out that Ronaldo left Juve late

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Chiellini pointed out that Ronaldo left Juve late, causing the agency to lose early form

Giorgio Kim Ellis Nice defender season under Juventus debut chopped Chris Gutierrez down Ronaldo he decided to move the team to Manchester United too slow to make a significant impact on them. Against the Bianconeri, especially early in the season

, Ronaldo started in pre-season for Juve and started in Serie A one game before a deal for the Red Devils came. Surprisingly accomplished in the last corner of football player market In August, for around £19.7 million,

Chiellini’s Zebras had a poor start to the season without a win in their first four league games before their most recent defeat against Zenit St Petersburg. with a score of 1-0 in the UEFA Champions League

“We are facing a situation where Cristiano needs a higher salary and a team to play for him,” Chiellini told DAZN. He will continue to add value to the program and we will move forward with the team. But he might think more about the future than the present

. It’s the damage that we have to pay. We experienced some shock. And I think we paid damages by the number of points dropped in the early season “

,” if they move out of the team on August 1, we would have to prepare better. ” according to a report from ‘ufabet