Dietmar Hamann reveals Liverpool midfielder

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Dietmar Hamann former German midfielder and Liverpool Football Club of the English Premier League football Commenting that the Reds’ midfielder Naby Keita was not performing well enough for Jurgen Klopp’s side and believes both goals conceded by Red Machine for Atleti. Go Madrid in the UEFA Champions League On Tuesday night it was the responsibility of the Guinea international midfielder.

Who was entrusted to start in midfield. Working alongside Jordan Henderson and James Milner. As well as Still the one who broke the goal. For the Reds to escape 2-0 before being hit by Luis Suarez, equalizing before the end of the first half

With Mohamed Salah able to shoot a penalty, leading the team to collect 3 points Full from the nest, the brand is successful.

“I have to say I think. it was Keita’s mistake with both goals conceded,” Hamann told talk SPORT. But I do not think he’s good enough for Liverpool “

” If you could do what he did. You should be full of confidence. You are responsible for the defensive game. And I have a feeling that he would rather be attacking when the team is in possession of the ball.”

Former Germany midfielder Dietmar Hamann has picked up Bayer Leverkusen’s youngster Florian Wertz.

The 18-year-old midfielder has always been a standout performer with early kickers, scoring six goals and providing six assists.

The cyst from 11 games this season, according to the German media receipt, revealed that

Many places in England, including Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Reds and Manchester City.

They want to join the team even though Bayern Munich is the favorite team.


“I don’t think I’ve seen a better central midfielder at this age in over a decade.

his excellence.”