Enrique reveals three positions Liverpool

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Enrique reveals three positions Liverpool need to buy urgently in order to chase titles

Former Liverpool left-back Jose Enrique has urged the beloved team that the squad is too small at the moment. Therefore, hurry to buy 3 more new players urgently in the winter market this January.

“I agree that Liverpool are in a very good shape right now, but let’s not forget that their size is not big enough to seriously pursue success in all competitions. So if there is an opportunity, Jurgen Klopp has to buy a new player urgently,” Enrique told BeMyBet.

First and foremost is the No.8 midfield position. Because I am one of those people. Who didn’t want Wijnaldum to be released. Which is understandable because we had Harvey Elliott growing up. Completely But the current situation is that the child has been hurt for a long time. causing huge gaps.

Another position is a striker. Who is good enough to rotate on the field. With Salah, Mane, Firmino, Jota because Liverpool’s schedule is so packed. That it can’t be played every three days throughout the year. And there is also a period of January when African players have to go out to help the national team.”

“Finally is the position at right-back, which I think is the first deal worth buying first, my friend James Milner may move in to replace Trent Alexander-Arnold. It’s really impressive. But it’s not a natural position, and it’s already a lot of age. So don’t be too confident about anything.”