‘Gakpo’ raised ‘Jones’ goal, the turning point

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Cody Gakpo, Liverpool’s offensive hero, believes that Curtis Jones’ goal was the turning point that helped the team overcome Fulham 2-1 last night. The

“Reds” won first in First leg of the Carabao Cup semi-finals, with Jones and Gakpo scoring goals each in the second half to successfully overtake the team.

“He (Curtis Jones) scored a very important goal in bringing We return to the game. And after that I felt we were really superior, not just in possession. But it also creates a lot of opportunities. So I’m very happy,” Gakpo told ยููฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com/

“It’s because of the mentality of the group, the club, the city, everyone has the idea that you just have to move on and it doesn’t matter what happens. What happened? And we showed it again today. If you have that mentality then many things can happen.”

“It’s the mentality in the group, in the club, in the city,” Gakpo told Sky Sports post-match.

“Everybody is like this: mentality, just keep going no matter what happens. We showed it again today. If you’ve got that mentality, a lot of beautiful things can happen.”

On Jones’ vital strike, which he then added to within just three minutes, Gakpo said: “A very important one to get us back in the game.

“After that I felt like we really dominated the game – not only with possession, which we did in the first half, but also with creating chances.

“I like playing with these people. We showed good mentality and must keep going. Because this is only the first leg of this game.”