Gary Lineker believes Liverpool players can be “New Pirlo”

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England legend Gary Lineker believes Trent Alexander-Arnold Liverpool ‘s right-back in the Premier League. Has the potential to play in midfield like Italy’s legendary midfielder Andrea Pirlo, according to the Liverpool Echo UFABET.

The Reds full-back used to play in midfield when he was in the youth team. But when pushed up to play in the first team. Jurgen Klopp used him at right-back and he did an excellent job. Becoming a mainstay of the team.

Given Trent’s skill and approach to playing based on a midfield presence, there has been widespread debate over whether he can turn into midfield, while Gareth Southke T has tried to use him in this position, and Lineker believes that the 23-year-old’s potential will definitely help the England team.

“Klopp said recently that ‘Why would you put the best right-back in the world as a midfield player?’ which I don’t quite agree with. I want to see him in midfield because I want him to play for England. His passing was excellent.”

“I think Andrea Pirlo used to say that the one thing England lacks is a player like Pirlo, and I think he (Trent Arnold) can be a model. that But I could be wrong.”

Gary Lineker If you think of the legendary striker of the elite city football industry, including the heavyweight world, Gary Lineker is undoubtedly one of them.