Ince reveals the name Manchester United

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Ince reveals the name Manchester United of the four stars who may move the team if Manchester United are not in the Top 4 this season.

Paul Ince , former central fierce breed of Manchester United warned that if his former team this season not to miss the Top 4 battle through the UEFA Champions League. There will be at least 4 famous players moving away to trade with other teams, of course.

“Of course, the minimum goal Manchester United have set this season is to at least be in the top four. But when it comes to the current situation Looks like they won’t be able to do it,” Inzi told The United Stand.

“Don’t think that this sort of thing will never happen to a team of Manchester United level, because even the once great European rivals Arsenal are still out of the big four and let other mid-table teams cross over. He’s been at the top of the table for a lot of the last few years.”

“Listen clearly once again, Man United probably won’t be playing in the UEFA Champions League next season if things keep getting worse and if that’s the case. Superstar players like Ronaldo, Pogba will definitely move on to another team.”

“But even more worrying is that the highly talented youngsters that we are trying to shape into future pillars like Rashford and Greenwood could easily be snatched by other league powers. as well.”