Jamie Carragher despairs in an interview with Man Utd fans

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Jamie Carragher former football Liverpool. Interviews chopped Ole Gunnar Seoul Tea Cup soccer club Manchester United veterans of the English Premier League. That he was desperate to show hostility towards the Red Devils fans at halftime as they were 2-0 down at Atalanta in the UEFA Champions League. Before coming back to win 3-2 in the end.

with Solskjaer saying after the game, concluding that the Red Devils fans knew in their hearts that the potential of his fans was better than they were. “The fans in the stands should never stop believing in the players on the pitch,” he said.

“You can feel the frustration. I’ve been at this club for 18 years, that’s what happens often. They know they can do better than that.”

After the interview, Carragher pointed out: “I think that was a rather strange interview. Commenting on the fans is a desperate one to put out.

“Man Utd turned from 2-0 down at half-time. I don’t think they are out of form that much. But you will feel dissatisfaction. Their fans were annoyed. It didn’t just happen in this game. But the work continued without notable occur, especially the game against Leicester, “

” When the ground shook and it was hard to stop, “

” I’ve had moments like this as a player. arrived It’s hard to stop that from happening. The team will continue to be remembered. But the fans are just as important as Cristiano Ronaldo or Ole Gunnar Solskjaer or even the changes that happened in the second half.”

“It’s very depressing to say that the supporters should know better when you know they have an important role to play in bringing the team back to winning ways if Manchester United can beat Liverpool this weekend. It occurs by reason of their fans more than any player in the field because you do not know United are a good team, or equivalent Liverpool “

” They want to support. “