Luton signs ‘Townsend’ for free to help the team until January

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Luton Town have signed Andros Townsend, who is currently free, to help the team on a short-term basis. With a contract running until January,

the 32-year-old star left Everton last summer and previously went on trial with Burnley, but didn’t get the contract he hoped for. However, ufabet

Townsen D received an opportunity from Luton by signing a contract to help the team until January.

“I saw where I could help the team and the manager saw how I could help the team. Whether it’s on the pitch, inside the dressing room or on the practice field. With my enthusiasm and experience,” Townsend said.

“Plus, Luton is in my neighborhood. I only lived 20-25 minutes away so I followed their progress and watched the Championship play-off final. To see them get promoted is great for the club.”

He will come with a wealth of experience having played 264 games in the Premier League and having also played 13 times for the England national team. Townsend

was a prolific youngster at Tottenham Hotspur before moving up. Successfully entered the field with the first team. Before playing for teams like Newcastle United, Crystal Palace and ending up with Everton after that.