Marco Verratti opens up after receiving praise from Pep

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Marco Verratti opens up after receiving praise from Pep and speculation with Manchester City

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Marco Verratti. The interview revealed that. How do you feel after being praised by Pep Guardiola and being increasingly linked with Manchester City in recent times?

Back in the UEFA Champions League.Where PSG won 2-0 at home to the Blues last month, Pep Guardiola has praised Verratti, saying:

“He is a very different and outstanding midfielder. Despite being under enormous pressure. But he can pass the ball to his friends to play with an advantage in every stroke. Which few people in the world can get like this for sure,” Pep said after the game. This was the starting point for the media across Europe to spot the rumors of buying and selling transfers.

“Throughout my career as a footballer. He’s received a lot of praise. But what Pep Guardiola has said is a little special because. He’s very knowledgeable about football. And has gone through a lot of success both during his career and as a manager,” Verratti told France Info.

“Of course I’m happy to hear something like this. But as for the rumors that arose, it was nothing. I’m happy to lead PSG against a number. Of other league champions in the UCL, this is what I’d most like to do as a professional player. And will always give everything for our club.”

“I’m a little boy moving from a small town in Italy. PSG gave me everything in life. My children were born here and I want them to grow up in this wonderful city like Paris.”