Marcus Rashford revealed that it was because of “cramp”

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Marcus Rashford reveals because Wolves defender has cramp So got the winning goal.

Marcus Rashford, the youngest striker at the Red Devils Manchester United concludes 2020 beautifully. With the winning goal in stoppage time, Manchester United defeated Wolverhampton 1-0, taking the team to second place. of the Premier League table

by shooting stars social work has revealed the motivation leading to the winning goal in stoppage time From a game that seems to end with a point split

“The full-back (of Wolves) had a cramp a few minutes ago,” the Red Devils number 10 told Amazon Prime after the game.

“I said to myself, If you get the ball next time I’ll dribble the ball at him. And lock the ball, change direction and see if I can do anything. good luck finally The ball ricocheted and went into the goal.”

“It’s the goal that decides the game. and not the prettiest door But we got what we did We got three points and moved on. Today is a difficult game. We expected it to be a difficult game.”

“We just deal with it. let it pass at the end of the day it’s three points No matter how scratchy it is We got it.”

however The England striker feels it is too early to think the Red Devils will have the potential to win the Premier League this season.

“I think we should not look too far. I think we are a team that still has a lot of work for us to do.”

“Look at the schedule at the beginning of the season. It seems a bit silly to us. We may need a day. If we are to find a way to win like today Then we’ll see where we are at the end of the season.”