Marcus Rashford reveals talks with Manchester United

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Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford has revealed the reaction of the Red Devils players after being thrashed by Leicester City in the Premier League at the weekend, according to Manchester United. phoning news

In that game. Although the England striker scored a 2-2 equalizer just minutes. After being led United conceded two goals after they were devastated by the Foxes. Which referred to the atmosphere in the dressing room after the game and the reactions of the teammates. During the press conference on the readiness before the UEFA Champions League game to receive Atalanta’s visit on Wednesday

“I think at a club like Manchester United, if you lose a game like it happens like this. We need to go back to simple basics. We have the same discussions as a team. The next win is always our goal.”

“Yes, but we don’t talk only when we lose. Games where we won but didn’t play well that’s important too. In the Premier League you have to defend as one where we opened up too much space, it’s that simple, they passed us too easily. This is what we analyzed.”

“Tomorrow will be our chance to show this,” Marcus Rashford said.

With Rashford scoring the lead for Manchester United ahead of their 2-0 win over Granada in the Europa League, in addition to helping the team to victory, Rashford also set the record. Club legend Sir Bobby Charlton, who played in the 1964-1965 season, or 56 years ago, has scored eight European goals in 11 games since. UEFA games Champions League group stage Until the Europa League quarter-final first leg last night