Steven Gerrard: Following in the footsteps

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Steven Gerrard, Rangers manager and former Liverpool. Captain was called one of the Premier League ‘s most comprehensive midfielders during his time as a player.

The star has an incredible goalscoring record with 120 goals in 504 appearances for a single club and sits 19th among the top goalscorers in

90min. his – from until the day he hung his studs Then we will see how much this man has gone through heat and cold.

Steven Gerrard started playing football. At a young age for local team Whiston Juniors. Before his performance caught the eye of Liverpool scouts until. He was persuaded to join the club’s academy team at a young age. Only 9 years old,

he started from the right wing but with diligence and decisive passing. Ultimately, Liverpool’s youth coaches decided to turn Gerrard into a full midfield role.

On 29 November 1998, he made his first Premier League appearance as a substitute for Wegard Heggem in the 90th minute. This is a game where his agency was able to beat Blackburn 2-0

A few weeks later. He made his first start against Celta Vigo in the UEFA Cup. Which ended in defeat but he was awarded the Player of the Month award along with champagne. one bottle.

Career as a football player is completed. Steven Gerrard’s 18-year career as a footballer not only delighted football fans around the world. But also inspiring many generations of footballers. He was respected and recognized. For his talents by countless colleagues. Many legends, past and present as well as a former teammate of Gerrard Both came out to tweet a message praising the legend of the number 8 player. That is enough to prove that the above statement is not an exaggeration at all.