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4 ways to take care of your health from touch

Take care of your health with a simple touch. There are many ways to take care of your health. Today Cheewajit would like to present another way to make you healthy. with a simple method like a touch Especially if anyone likes Skin ship, I can tell you will

6 factors that trigger migraine.

Write down the 6 factors that trigger migraine and cause severe pain. Unilateral headache Or as we call it migraine, there are factors that trigger migraines. That differs for each person, but there are 6 main factors that are similar, which are enough to be a guide for

PM 2.5 dust is dangerous.

Unfortunately, the pollution of air with small particulate matter, or PM 2.5, has raised concerns about the negative impact of air quality on several health conditions, including respiratory illness, heart health, and allergic symptoms affecting the eyes and nasal passages Did you know that small dust

If you want to look young and healthy.

If you want to look young and healthy, you must look at the “biological clock”. The biological clock controls hormone levels. Sleeping or waking behavior body temperature and proper metabolism of the body not enough. Rest will disturb our biological clock Until affecting health and beauty. Who wants the skin to look